Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hello all,

Joe and I have started orientation and have been in classes for a week. It's been super fun reconnecting with friends we made a few months ago and we've gotten to spend a lot of time with them so far. We've also made a lot of new friends from all over the US. The people are great and the food is pretty good so we're grateful to be here for the next couple of months.

In our sessions, we have been repeatedly been learning about the importance of prayer. So we would like to update all of you on prayer requests we have for our time here at orientation:

  • Getting our visas for our time overseas
  • That our personal prayer lives would be strengthened so that we would rely on God for all of our needs
  • That we would learn more about the culture of the people group we are going to be living among
We're thankful for you following along with us and your partnership in prayer. We hope to update you as we move closer to journeying to the Philippines!