Saturday, January 14, 2017

Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year!

This post is coming after all the holidays - which included some busy times and some relaxing times. We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with my family! So glad that they came out to the Philippines and got to share our hot weather and love for this country :)

Christmas at it's fullest in this mall. Now that it's January, Christmas decorations are finally coming down...after 4 months!

Joe and I bought each other the same Christmas present! Yay for pineapples!

The 1st Burger King in our city (and 2nd on our island) opened this past December!

It seems like time has moved quickly since it's already 2017 and this is the year that we return back to America. From now until the end of our term will be busy with students - training them, supervising them, doing ministry with them... Pray for us to have wisdom in all of our tasks ahead!