Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nehemiah Teams 2017

We are happy to have 3 teams of Americans and Filipinos out sharing the gospel in many villages for 2 months. They have already made new friends, shared the good news of Jesus, baptized believers, led Bible studies and learned a lot about a new culture. Continue to pray with us for the teams and the people they are reaching! God can do amazing things in just 2 months!

We've been able to visit the teams and join them in ministry. Here's a glimpse of Nehemiah Teams 2017...

Sharing the gospel.

Singing songs and teaching the children Bible stories.

The children are so excited to make friends with the teams - to play games, sing songs and listen to Bible stories.

Some houses are not easy to reach...

Lots of boat rides...

Another Island

What's great about the Philippines is that there is never a shortage of cool new islands to explore! For Joe's birthday we went to check out a new place and enjoy the beauty of the Philippines.