Thursday, February 23, 2017

More Visitors!

We were so blessed and encouraged to have our friends come to visit us here in Davao last week! We showed them what our life in the Philippines looks like and also gave them a fuller picture of our ministry here. They got to be a part of Advance Operations Training which trains believers to become church planters and them a great Biblical basis as well as the tools they need to move forward. Our prayer is that these participants will become leaders within Nehemiah Teams and continue to disciple more disciples as we work to finish the Great Commission in this generation! This means seeing multitudes from every people group around the throne in Heaven worshiping God!

I have been reading lately of all the different kings in the Old Testament and have been struck that so many chose not to follow God. And even the few that did, many of them do not end their lives that way. They were led astray by false counsel and choosing to worship other gods. So even though we are seeing many Filipinos now choosing to follow God in obedience to be missionaries and laborers for Christ, pray with us that they will finish strong! Pray also that Joe and I will too! We want their lives and our lives to be fully God's even until the end. Thank you for being a huge part in what God is doing among the nations by praying with us and for us!


Here's some pictures of us with our friends!!

Evan and Matt joined us in ministry out in the communities nearby the campsite.
Our Advance Operations Training batch for this year!
This is the group that is being trained to go out to share the gospel among the unreached here in the Philippines and beyond.
Pray for them!