Friday, August 26, 2016

Family Time!

Recently my parents and all but one of my siblings were able to come visit us here in the Philippines! It was a great to see them for the first time in almost a year and to be able to show them our home here in the Philippines.

Not only did we get to go to the beach and other tourist locations, but we also were able to go to the local markets to show them how life is here in Southeast Asia. They really enjoyed the heat and no air conditioning in our apartment! We had a wonderful time and were so encouraged that they came to visit us. We miss them already!

Check out some pictures from their visit below!


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Feels Like Home!

We're back home! We've been back in our house for about 2 weeks now and have really enjoyed getting to cook in our own kitchen, do laundry regularly and spend time with our friends. Here are some stats from the past few months:

3 months & 3 weeks - Time away from home
4850 - Kilometers driven (that's about 3013 miles!)
16 - Villages/Towns slept in the Philippines
3 - New countries visited
1 - Flat tire
175 - Bibles given out by the teams
11 - Modes of transportation: car, airplane, motor tricycle, motorcycle, pedicab, boat, van, jeepney, tractor jeep, ferry, feet

Many new friends!
Many times sharing the gospel in English and Tagalog!

Thanks for following along on our journey and for your prayers! We were blessed to spend so much time ministering to the Waray-Waray people and getting to learn from our fellow Filipino Christians.

Tractor jeepney! Not sure of its real name, but definitely the most unique mode of transportation we've encountered so far!

Receiving Bibles after trusting in Jesus Christ!

A friend of Nehemiah Teams 2012, Dolores Team!