Thursday, August 3, 2017

That's all folks!

Time's up! We are saying goodbye to the Philippines now. It doesn't feel like that much time has gone by, and yet when I think about all that we've done in the past 2's a lot! We are sad to leave our home here and friends who have become our family.

Our Nehemiah Team members are almost home now and we are so grateful for their faithfulness to come and serve with us! God did amazing things in a short amount of time through the teams! Many, many people heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and many people believed in Jesus as their personal Savior. Bibles were given to many people in their own language, the Jesus film was watched in multiple villages and people were baptized. Please pray that seeds planted will grow and that those who chose to trust in Jesus as their Savior would continue to grow in their faith! Also, please pray that the Nehemiah Teams students would live out their commitments to continue working for God to be known by all peoples of the world.

Here's a few pictures of our time with the teams and enjoying break with them last month!

Joe's Nehemiah Team in 2012 spend time studying God's word with Nanay (grandma) and we were able to visit her last summer and again this summer. We enjoyed getting to see her again!

When your boat has to get paddled across by a little girl...

Sharing the gospel on another island!
Exploring caves!

Cliff jumping!

I did it! Took me awhile to jump...

Yay! Spiderman!!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nehemiah Teams 2017

We are happy to have 3 teams of Americans and Filipinos out sharing the gospel in many villages for 2 months. They have already made new friends, shared the good news of Jesus, baptized believers, led Bible studies and learned a lot about a new culture. Continue to pray with us for the teams and the people they are reaching! God can do amazing things in just 2 months!

We've been able to visit the teams and join them in ministry. Here's a glimpse of Nehemiah Teams 2017...

Sharing the gospel.

Singing songs and teaching the children Bible stories.

The children are so excited to make friends with the teams - to play games, sing songs and listen to Bible stories.

Some houses are not easy to reach...

Lots of boat rides...

Another Island

What's great about the Philippines is that there is never a shortage of cool new islands to explore! For Joe's birthday we went to check out a new place and enjoy the beauty of the Philippines.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Beginning of 2017

Here's some pictures to show all different things that have happened over the past few months!

Working... enjoying some rest time while out at camp

First Burger King to open in our city!!!

Such a beautiful country! Enjoying the beach with a few waves.

Ministry time with the trainees...

...and also some fun!

Just impressive!

Retreat with the leaders of Filipino Nehemiah Teams

Thursday, February 23, 2017

More Visitors!

We were so blessed and encouraged to have our friends come to visit us here in Davao last week! We showed them what our life in the Philippines looks like and also gave them a fuller picture of our ministry here. They got to be a part of Advance Operations Training which trains believers to become church planters and them a great Biblical basis as well as the tools they need to move forward. Our prayer is that these participants will become leaders within Nehemiah Teams and continue to disciple more disciples as we work to finish the Great Commission in this generation! This means seeing multitudes from every people group around the throne in Heaven worshiping God!

I have been reading lately of all the different kings in the Old Testament and have been struck that so many chose not to follow God. And even the few that did, many of them do not end their lives that way. They were led astray by false counsel and choosing to worship other gods. So even though we are seeing many Filipinos now choosing to follow God in obedience to be missionaries and laborers for Christ, pray with us that they will finish strong! Pray also that Joe and I will too! We want their lives and our lives to be fully God's even until the end. Thank you for being a huge part in what God is doing among the nations by praying with us and for us!


Here's some pictures of us with our friends!!

Evan and Matt joined us in ministry out in the communities nearby the campsite.
Our Advance Operations Training batch for this year!
This is the group that is being trained to go out to share the gospel among the unreached here in the Philippines and beyond.
Pray for them!

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year!

This post is coming after all the holidays - which included some busy times and some relaxing times. We were blessed to spend Thanksgiving with my family! So glad that they came out to the Philippines and got to share our hot weather and love for this country :)

Christmas at it's fullest in this mall. Now that it's January, Christmas decorations are finally coming down...after 4 months!

Joe and I bought each other the same Christmas present! Yay for pineapples!

The 1st Burger King in our city (and 2nd on our island) opened this past December!

It seems like time has moved quickly since it's already 2017 and this is the year that we return back to America. From now until the end of our term will be busy with students - training them, supervising them, doing ministry with them... Pray for us to have wisdom in all of our tasks ahead!